Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lenobia's Vow by PC and Kristin Cast

I have been counting the days until LENOBIA’S VOW would be released because she is one of my favourite characters in the HOUSE OF NIGHT series. There hasn’t been much information or background about Lenobia within the series and I felt that she had the most to reveal but I could be wrong, but there’s a saying in my family that sometimes what happens in the past helps shape you as a person.

One of the things I love about the novellas is the illustrations which happen to depict one of the keys emotions or scenes within in that particular chapter. For me it adds more to the emotional side of the story and sometimes word can’t express as much but as many people say “pictures say a 1000words”, with that I have to agree. Lenobia’s story begins in small southern country and ends in stunning New Orleans. After reading DESTINED I have a better understanding why she reacted the way she did within the 9th book of the series. I have a strong feeling that readers should read DESTINED before they sink their teeth into this breath taking second novella.

As a fan of the series I have developed a deep love for the series and the characters and sometimes there a few that I’m able to connect more with and have a need to know their back story so I can better understand them and the choices they have made to get this point in their lives. DRAGON’S OATH was a story of love and loss, but sometimes I feel that as reader I didn’t get a better understanding of him, but after reading DESTINED some things came to light, we saw the old Dragon before his beloved was taken from him, but with LENOBIA’S VOW I feel that I know how a lot better and can’t wait to learn more.

The novella has a bitter sweet ending for me, she is finally marked and protected from the Bishop but it seems to have come with a price that she would rather give her life for than see the person she loves sacrifice his to protect her. I had tissues piling up at the end and I know that you will not be disappointed. It’s a love story with a lot of twists and turns but also has evil (which explains her aversion to Neferet when her darkness is revealed) mixed with a healthy dose of sadness.

I’m hoping that the next instalment NEFERET’S CURSE will hold some interesting facts about who she is and how she becomes that way. I for one am not a fan of hers but there is always something interesting about her that draws you into her world even if you’re looking forward to her downfall.

Happy Reading :)


Destined by Jessie Harrell

Firstly I would like to congratulate Jessie on her debut novel and I'm hoping to the writing Gods that Jessie will pen another novel :)

My first comment on DESTINED is wow! What an amazing novel, I was on my toes the entire time I was reading the novel. I have to admit that I had to do a little background history with regard to the storyline which is a retelling of the Greek myth of Psyche and Eros and truth be told I enjoyed my novel more than the actual myth. DESTINED is very lighthearted and full of fun, adventure, sibling rivalry and of course a healthy dose of romance.

Psyche is an interesting character, when we first meet her she is innocent and naive but as the storyline progresses she grows into a beautiful young woman who puts others before herself in order to protect them. Near the beginning she is faced with a difficult choice that could have destroyed her but for the love her family she is able to make the journey and comes out stronger than when she started.

Apart from Psyche, Aphrodite and Eros kept me on the edge of my seat. Aphrodite has tones of spank, she's stubborn but as the saying goes like mother like son, true she is the Goddess of Love but what she feels for her son had my heart melting in some places and it others I just wanted to say to her, "Please mind your own business, let him learn on his own!"-there's a scene in the novel that left me shocked to my core considering what Aphrodite had done that I couldn't even pick DESTINED up because I was so afraid of what I might read....

Now for a little Eros dish :) Stubborn seems to come to mind considering how he entered into the storyline and maybe even throughout the novel but it does come with love, devotion, kind and dreamy. He did a full 180 from the first moment we meet him up until the final chapters of the book. I have to confess that there was a section within the novel where I though that this was going to be a devastating ending where I had a box of tissues to help me through the pages...

I don't want to spoil the book and I have a strong feeling that its going to happen soon...
Hopefully you come across DESTINED in your nearest bookstore, give it a chance because I know that you will enjoy the novel as much as I did.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Destined by Jessie Harrell
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