Saturday, 17 September 2011

Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz

Let me begin by stating how amazing SPELLBOUND was and the title says everything for me. From the moment I opened the book until I turned the last page I was captivated to the story. I became a very non sociable person person during the read and frankly I didn't mind :)

From the moment Emma enters I found her to be so simple but all the tragedy that she has been through in such a short period of time makes her a very strong person person. Not everyone can still look at life with a bit of colour after losing people that mean the world and then some. She has a very strong need to protect her younger cousin Ashley from the harshness of the world and will do anything she can to protect her emotional innocence.
Like anyone else whom is starting a new school for the first time has the tendency to be nervous and sometimes even willing to go unnoticed until graduation, Emma had that feeling but as she quickly noticed that was not going to be the case for her.

Enter the object of the girls affection, Brendan. Let me just say that he is pretty much swoon material, I loved the way Cara described his green eyes. I could picture my self getting lost in his eyes and not mention his messy black hair *SIGH*
When Brendan is first introduced to us he comes across as care free and his own person but a few chapters in and I could be mistaken we see that there could be something brewing between himself and Emma.

What I found to be very endearing was the fact that their romance didn't start immediately, the first sight of love cliche, but it grew; lending to a lot of events that left both Emma and Brendan questioning their attraction to each other. Their love was the truest possible term of the word, true soulmates is pretty hard to come by. We see them still making mistakes and taking things pretty slow.
I would say that their love could stand the test of time and still come out shining at the end. Love like that doesn't come along very often and when it does you can't let it slip through your fingers, which could have happened.

SPELLBOUND also holds a lot of mystery and action, I would also recommend that you keep a box of tissues at hand because there are parts within the story that will leave you sobbing for a bit.

Congratulations to Cara on her debut novel and I'm looking forward to the next Installment in the SPELLBOUND series.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

In Memory of Rosaline Millner

I know that this particular blog has nothing to do with a book review or author but almost a week ago I lost my grandmother to long battle of cancer and other complications but the reason I'm going to post this is because she loved to read, my grandmother had an entire room dedicated to her books but it never stopped there, the passage a wardrobe and her nightstand :)

My gran loved to read and I remember as a kid that she would always bring a new book for us to read and always a Disney edition. She would always say that a book can open a world that you never knew existed, take you around the world without ever leaving the comfort of your own home or dive headlong into the past.
When I stopped reading in about Grade 7 I was not popular, how could I give up literature? After months of trying to get me to read again she gave up and made a promise that I would have my romance rekindled with books again. I doubted it then but most definitely not now.

In 2008 with the release of TWILIGHT I fell in love. Gran was over the moon and had to know what book held my attention for that week or the 3 days it took to me to read it.
I owe part of my love for reading to her and I will never take it for granted it again.

She was the bravest woman I knew, battling cancer for 6 years, having countless treatments, needles, tests, scans and hospital stays but it never put it a dampen on her mood. Like all very ill people she had her ups and downs but it never stopped her from reading and becoming someone else for a just a couple of hours.

Granny, you will forever be in our hearts. Until we meet again, crocodile :)


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

In My Mailbox

  1. Witches of the East by Melissa De La Cruz
  2. Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
  3. The Vampire Stalker by Allison Van Diepen

Monday, 12 September 2011

Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Firstly I would like to congratulate Leigh on her debut novel. I was pointed in the direction of Leigh by a very close friend of mine and was pretty lucky to win a copy of an ARC, but sadly my wait for the installment will be a couple of months longer.

The story follows Megan on her move to Kinsale, Ireland for her father's new job at the mariana. Leigh has an interesting way in introducing the characters, from shy Caitlin to high maintenance Jennifer and one of the most alluring introductions was that of Adam. He had my heart racing along with Meagan's :)

I couldn't put CARRIER OF THE MARK down and over the last week it has helped me escape a very hard time in my life and the humor that Leigh expresses through Megan had my laughing to myself that the rest of the family walked into my room to make sure that everything was alright.

The weirdest thing for me is that I'm from South Africa so some of the Irish twang was pretty self explanatory but others I looked at the page and was like what is going here? Megan being from the States had the same reaction and it was interesting to see her adapt to a new country where they have their own way of speaking and it never seemed to amaze her the speed with which her friends spoke.

From the beginning of the CARRIER OF THE MARK, Leigh describes Kinsale with such love and devotion that I couldn't help falling in love with this beautiful town in Ireland. Megan is also drawn to the beauty and it becomes evident when she describes her new home and the view she has from her bedroom.
Just a side thought, I plan on going to Kinsale and experience its beauty for myself :)
Megan does not only fall in love with this stunning little town but with a certain boy as well as 90% of the female population at their school. The DeRis family has a mystery about them that Megan is trying to figure about and later in the book she meets a crossroads about her relationship with Adam but that is one of the climax moments that Leigh builds up to and that is one surprise I will not share because it leaves a million questions running through your head.

Upon first appearance of Adam, I got the feeling that he was an introvert but as they say looks can be very deceiving. He is such a compassionate person and it pulled on my heart strings to see his devotion to Megan and to risk his future for the sake of her and his family. Aine is a unique character and she does the weirdest things that left my laughing so hard that I had tears running down my face. The DeRis family has a very special place in my heart because what a man will only do for the woman that he loves.

Leigh has an air about her writing and I love how the adjectives are immensely descriptive that it helps your imagination to paint such a colourful picture that should in the future CARRIER OF THE MARK be made into a movie I'm not sure if it will be as colourful as the movie I had running through my head. As I said earlier the book is a page a turner and the moment you reach the final words in the book it just doesn't seem possible that such an amazing book is finished.

I'm looking forward to DAWN OF THE KNIGHTS the next installment in the trilogy. I'm marking the days off on my calender :)

Congrats again Leigh and may your debut book have all the success in the world :)

Happy Reading :)


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Hereafter by Tara Hudson

Firstly I would like to congratulate Tara on her debut novel. HEREAFTER was all consuming from the first page right up until the end. Well worth the wait for me.

i found Amelia and Joshua's story to be very touching and so close to what most families feel when they have lost someone that they love. I've never read a book where we see a different kind of love story like this, a ghost and a human. I guess there are many ways to write a love story but not many authors venture towards this style.

Tara went into great detail when expressing how Amelia felt and what she didn't and that becomes very important in the build up to the last couple of chapters which help keep you engrossed and turning the pages until that last page and I was like does it have to end? I found the emotions to be captivating because its only thing that she knows until she starts change if I can call it changing or maybe find herself-becoming who she believes she is, is an amazing adventure because most story lines lead the whole I'm dead vibe with being stronger than they where as a human but with Amelia its trying to discover herself and feeling pretty alone with no recollection of who she is or was or where she is. Together with her we begin the journey of self discovery.

Joshua could not be closer to your typical popular guy, yeah he has the girls running after him, he's a jock but that doesn't seem to bother him, because popularity isn't the beginning and end of his world. We see how he loves his family and that is portrayed with his little sister Jillian, his parents and even his "batty" grandmother. Upon his encounter with Amelia we learn so much about him, he is sensitive, nerdy, extremely protective and willing to go out of the way for the people that he loves. Joshua has his own gifts but he isn't willing to follow the norm of his family because it is expected of him, free will is the name of the game and he will do anything to stay with Amelia even defiance.

With every good story there is a villain, in walks Eli Rowland. Upon his first encounter I didn't like him and with good cause, but with Tara's writing there are points within HEREAFTER that you feel sorry for him and maybe even question your initial feelings but then true to his nature he does what is expected of him.
There is a part within the book were it seems that he might be swaying in beliefs but I will leave that little bit for your discovery.

I don't want to give the story away anymore than I have. So grab a copy at your nearest store and dive into the pages of HEREAFTER.

Congrats again to Tara.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Hereafter by Tara Hudson
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