Saturday, 17 September 2011

Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz

Let me begin by stating how amazing SPELLBOUND was and the title says everything for me. From the moment I opened the book until I turned the last page I was captivated to the story. I became a very non sociable person person during the read and frankly I didn't mind :)

From the moment Emma enters I found her to be so simple but all the tragedy that she has been through in such a short period of time makes her a very strong person person. Not everyone can still look at life with a bit of colour after losing people that mean the world and then some. She has a very strong need to protect her younger cousin Ashley from the harshness of the world and will do anything she can to protect her emotional innocence.
Like anyone else whom is starting a new school for the first time has the tendency to be nervous and sometimes even willing to go unnoticed until graduation, Emma had that feeling but as she quickly noticed that was not going to be the case for her.

Enter the object of the girls affection, Brendan. Let me just say that he is pretty much swoon material, I loved the way Cara described his green eyes. I could picture my self getting lost in his eyes and not mention his messy black hair *SIGH*
When Brendan is first introduced to us he comes across as care free and his own person but a few chapters in and I could be mistaken we see that there could be something brewing between himself and Emma.

What I found to be very endearing was the fact that their romance didn't start immediately, the first sight of love cliche, but it grew; lending to a lot of events that left both Emma and Brendan questioning their attraction to each other. Their love was the truest possible term of the word, true soulmates is pretty hard to come by. We see them still making mistakes and taking things pretty slow.
I would say that their love could stand the test of time and still come out shining at the end. Love like that doesn't come along very often and when it does you can't let it slip through your fingers, which could have happened.

SPELLBOUND also holds a lot of mystery and action, I would also recommend that you keep a box of tissues at hand because there are parts within the story that will leave you sobbing for a bit.

Congratulations to Cara on her debut novel and I'm looking forward to the next Installment in the SPELLBOUND series.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz

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