Sunday, 26 February 2012

Eve by Anna Carey

Congrats to Anna on her debut novel.
I have to admit what grabbed me was the cover and when I finally reached EVE the content within the pages was well worth the pages. I find it complementary how the cover fits perfectly with the ending of the novel as well as one of the key themes within the pages-the constant running.

We often joke as women that all we are good for is becoming wives and mothers, but Anna has put this joke into a pretty scary thought. I could never imagine having my child treated as human incubator to help repopulate the planet after a devastating plague wiped a fair amount of the population. Its fascinating how if people are "brainwashed" enough they will believe what one person says as gold. The girls are taught in the Schools that boys and men are evil and will do anything in their power to make their lives miserable, I wouldn't throw the word around but maybe within their brains they could see it as slavery-I could be so off on this point but its something that struck me at the beginning of the novel.

I loved the romance and watching Eve become someone stronger, she still has a lot more growth before she will become the woman she dreams of. Eve has an amazing heart that only seems to grow as she meets new people along her journey to Califia. Arden is a trouble maker in a sense but the friendship that is developed between the 2 girls leaves me in tears when they have to spilt up to save themselves from the King's army.

Caleb sounds dreamy but I'm not sure I'm bug on the hair but that isn't the point. He comes with his baggage but has compassion bigger than his heart could possibly hold. I had by doubts about him throughout EVE but what he does at the end of the novel left me speechless and begging for a different ending because it just couldn't end like that.
I find it hard to describe Caleb because he's so complex and we're only just covering the basics with him, I know that Anna has more installed for us with ONCE and I can't wait to see what happens.

Grab a copy of EVE and let me know what you guys think of it because I know that I loved any minute of the novel even if I was surprised by what I was reading.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Eve by Anna Carey

Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies

My first order of business is to congratulate Jocelyn and her debut novel and praise her for such an outstanding novel. The cover alone speaks volume and at one point had me thinking that what I was reading could not possibly relate until further reading finally switched the light on for me.

I'm a huge sucker for angel novels and truth be told I didn't see that coming which grabbed me even more that I had my book glued to my hand everywhere that I went, if I had my way and the ability I would have stuck my copy under my pillow in the hopes that my brain could absorb the story while I slept (that would be an awesome power to have) just to help with my obsession to know what was going to happen.

I can't believe that I was completely off on the 2 very sexy strangers that walked into Skye's life and turned everything upside down. I'm not used to the feeling of having things go pear shaped on the guy that I'm backing. After reading the final pages I was gobsmacked that I had to read the chapter again.

Asher and Devin are 2 very different people playing for opposite teams that have similar plans for Skye but as I realised at the end of the novel that the one side was never going to let Skye go if she refused to join them.

I'm leaving my review right her because I can see that I'm heading into very dangerous territory of ruining A BEAUTIFUL DARK for those who have not yet read this amazing novel.
I cannot wait to see what happens in A FRACTURED LIGHT.

Happy Reading :)

xxx A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies

Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey

First I would like to congratulate Amy on her debut novel. Absolutely stunning on so many levels for me.

I have to admit that I was a little confused when I first started reading COLD KISS but as I got into the novel everything started making sense and I could feel more of what was being expressed on the pages. I have this strong feeling that Amy's background as an editor added to the quality of her debut novel and for me it made an excellent read.

Amy has this amazing ability to have emotion so raw on the pages that you can't help but feel your heart being twisted in so many directions as Wren struggles with what she has done, keeping secrets from her mother, sister and aunt not to mention Danny's family and friends, her friends, falling in love with someone else that can also read her like book and the freshness of the wound for loosing Danny. I doubt there is a page in COLD KISS that does not have rawness between the lines or enveloped in the words.

Sure enough the novel is among the greats in the YA paranormal shelves but I don't think it was that apparent in the novel which for me was interesting. Sure Wren's family comes with powers of their own as well as Gabrielle and his sister but it didn't play a vital part of the story, maybe that is the wrong statement because with her powers Wren brought Danny back from the dead because she couldn't imagine her life without the one guy that knew everything about her. That does play a strong part in the novel but it isn't in your face paranormal.

I was so engrossed in Wren's battle over what she had done to Danny and the life that he now had to "live" that I found myself sneaking reading sessions during work and any other free time that I could get. At one point my mother asked if i had fallen asleep in the tub because I had been in there forever. It was one of those novels that you find hard to put down and if you don't have it in your hand or bag you feel like you're missing apart of yourself.

The final pages of COLD KISS had my on the edge of my seat and unable to talk to anyone until I knew how the novel ended. My heart was torn into a million pieces at the end but it left me speechless and in awe all at once. It was worth the endless hours of tears, laughs and even a bit of blue days thrown in for good measure.

I cannot wait to see what else Amy has under sleeve and I for one will keep an eye out for any of her novels that I can only hope she will write in the future.

Happy Reading :)


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