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I'm holding a giveaway for the Facebook page Bookworms Corner to reach 500 Likes. The giveaway will be running from 29/01/2012 until 29/02/2012. A random will will be choosen once we have reached out goal. You will then by able to choose your prize from the Book Depository :)

Good Luck :)

Half Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Congrats to Jennifer on her debut novel :)

After reading DAIMON I knew that I couldn't let it finish there, the need to get HALF BLOOD was pretty scary and that's not even mentioning how I devoured the book at work and home. I recall begging my sister to tell how the book ended because I had reached such a climax in the book that I was afraid to turn the page and have my hopes shattered. She refused and told me to keep reading and she forgot having read HALF BLOOD last year.

I have admit that I loved the Greek mythology, it explained more than DAIMON and went even further into the history and makings of Hamatois, Pures, Half Bloods, Pures and the Daimons. It was interesting to see how Alex questioned her own upbringing to the point of believing in the Gods-its like most teenagers today.

Jennifer has strong characters in this series, but Alex screamed to me from the pages, not because she's the main character but for who she is as a person. She's remarkably strong, stubborn, funny, smart, fierce and extremely courageous. Alex will fight to the death for what she believes in, even if it means questioning her superiors. Alex faces a lot in HALF BLOOD and if it had been anyone else i have a strong feeling they would not have come out still fighting like she did. She still has a lot of growth which I'm looking forward to. Alex has left a strong impression on me, one which I hope to share with fellow readers.

Aiden, now he is definitely something to write home about. From the moment he was introduced to me in DAIMON I could feel me knees go weak. The way Jennifer describes his stormy grey eyes and his dark, wavy hair had me hooked. He has his own demons to fight but is one of the strongest male characters in HALF BLOOD. He has so many sides to him that it makes connecting with him fun. Aiden doesn't like to go against what the Covenant has set in place but there's this indescribable pull towards Alex that he knows is wrong beyond so many reasons but trying to deny it I think is even worse for him. I doubt many Pures would have done what he had, which for makes him on the perfect gentleman in YA novels. There's a line in HALF BLOOD that still sticks with me, "I remember you too..." It had my heart pounding and talking to my pages like anyone could actually hear me.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the forbidden romance between Alex and Aiden play out. I believe it could leave me sitting on the edge of bed.

What book would be complete without a "love triangle"? Seth is the Apollyon, I'm not so sure about him because he still has this dark cloak of mystery surrounding him, but I do believe that he could be a contender for Alex's heart; but then again I'll have to wait and see what transpires in the following novels.
I look forward to learning more about Seth in PURE.

Alex is lucky to have a supportive circle of friends around her, especially Caleb who I believe would jump in front of a train if that could stop Alex from doing something stupid.

I thoroughly enjoyed to the forbidden romance in HALF BLOOD, not to mention the mandatory training sessions with Aiden. With each session things become more complicated. This novel has kept me on toes from the moment I read the first page. I believe that this book has a lot to offer with romance, competition, heartache and confusion. For me it was an epic read and if you're looking for one of those I cannot put it down reads then you've found the right book.

I'm counting the days until PURE's release day. I promise you will not go wrong with HALF BLOOD, i do however recommend that you get the prequel DAIMON before because I feel it will help explain what lead to the events in HALF BLOOD.

Happy Reading


Book Depository UK-Half Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Daimon by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I recall last year when I first came across Jennifer how I started bugging her whether DAIMON would be available in paperback because I didn't have a Kindle *BLUSH* and I couldn't read the PDF format off my laptop. She was patient and sent a link to me for Book Depository and I tracked that page until the release date and I couldn't get my order in quick enough :)

DAIMON explained the events that lead to HALF BLOOD and I found it pretty helpful and tearful too. I found the prequel gave the base of the COVENANT series a base to work from and in my point of view  carries some vital information. I love how snarky Alex is, but she has this incredible ability to love with more than her entire heart and I wonder if it could be a fault of hers later.

In the first few chapters she has to face something that I'm not sure many people would be able to carry on from but she does. When she sets her mind to do something there is no stopping no matter what the costs may be. I cannot what to see what Alex has planned :)

I loved DAIMON for the Greek mythology which I found to be refreshing because it was a new take on the demigods. I would never have thought to have it explained in this way or even written into what can only be leading to an amazing series.

Aiden, makes a rather memorable entrance into the book, and I'm sure that he will leave a lasting impression on all of us. There's something about him that I cannot wait to explore in HALF BLOOD.

Jennifer has left a lasting impression on me and I'm positive that the COVENANT series will be one of my favourites.

Happy Reading :)


Book Depository: Daimon by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Fury by Elizabeth Miles

Congrats to Elizabeth on her debut novel FURY :)
I was hooked from the moment I saw the cover, the fiery red of her hair to her pale complexion first made me envious but I had a feeling that FURY would be one of the books that I wouldn't be able to put down :)

I don't think that I've ever read a book that's carried two main characters and its was actually exciting for me. Chase and Emily are literally from different sides of the track, their paths meet put in the end that isn't what brings them together in a sense. There's a famous saying in my house, "What goes around comes around", I personally think that explains this book to a very well defined T.

Chase and Emily have done a few questionable things that draw the attention of the Furies whom make it their mission to ensure that they pay for their mistakes no matter what the cost is. I found it interesting how real life drama was thrown into the mix. I've seen some reviews and not everyone agrees that FURY is a true Paranormal, but I tend to disagree. It's like a fresh pot of tea. For example, Chase struggles with his inner demons, because he's afraid that one slip up will cost him everything that he has worked so hard to build. I think in the end everything catches up to him but for me it was a bitter sweet battle. Chase had everything going for him, and could have shown the snobs in his life what really matters. No matter what level of the ladder you are, everything is in reach as long as you work hard to be the man that you want to be.

Emily does one questionable thing that she knows is one of the worst mistakes she could make. We all have our inner devil that nags to us that it couldn't be any worse than denying what is inside. I believe that Emily paid a far worse price than Chase and has to imagine what could have been for the rest of her life.

FURY is a must read if you love Greek mythology but be warned there isn't a lot thrown in, but its there and it had be running to my laptop to see what everything meant. Like I said before, its like a fresh pot of tea. I'm looking forward to see what ENVY and ETERNITY will have in store for me.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Fury by Elizabeth Miles

Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton

Firstly I would like to congratulate Tessa Gratton on her debut book.
When BLOOD MAGIC first came out I was drawn to the cover but not so sure it would be something I would enjoy reading, everyone one that I know encouraged the read but stubbornly refused. I think I got tired of everyone suggesting the book that I actually went out and bought it. I guess they had the correct notion about the book :)

I found the beginning a little slow, but the pace picked up quickly which I thought was awesome, I'm not a fan of slow books. I found that BLOOD MAGIC has a few themes running through the pages but its not over-powering. As with all YA novels romance is a key aspect, loss, pain, the undying need for power, forgiveness and strength.

I would love to have gotten more background to Silla's family instead of just the tragedy of losing her parents. Its remarkable to see how 2 siblings can take losing their parents differently, Silla held strong to the fact that her father would not kill his wife no matter what he was going through, but on the other hand her brother felt deeply that he was a sick and twisted man. The loss of their parents changed a lot of things for them and for me that makes a very strong story line. I loved reading how they discovered the magic, getting closer to how things were before the horrific murder. Don't get me wrong, things take another nasty turn again, that left me in tears at work.

Nick is the new guy from the city and has a few secrets of his own. I don't want to ruin the book for anyone and I know that the path I'm running on will. I'm going to do my best not to spoil too much. 
I believe that because of a secret that draws Silla to him and vice verse. Their relationship isn't always so smooth but they try to get over the obstacles and come out on the other end stronger. They both helped each other grow and even master their darkest fears.

I believe that BLOOD MAGIC is not for the faint hearted with the description of the blood rituals but with a strong stomach I think its a good read.
Looking forward to the next instalment, THE BLOOD KEEPERS because I feel that there is more to explained and I'm hoping to dive into Phillip's past to learn more than what was available in BLOOD MAGIC.

Happy Reading


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Awake At Dawn by C.C Hunter

C.C Hunter has out done herself with the sequel to BORN AT MIDNIGHT. She was able to carry across everything I loved from the first novel straight into AWAKE AT DAWN causing everything to run smoothly with no hiccups or lingering questions as to what happened in BORN AT MIDNIGHT. I was not able to put the book down for a second and found it glued to my hand everywhere that I went.

AWAKE AT DAWN  is an amazing read with a storyline that is full of twists and turns, lingering questions and even new ones but I personally don't think that changes the well written storyline. The emotions in this book are extremely genuine that you can feel your heartstrings being tugged along with Kylie, it adds to the realness of what is being expressed on the pages. The characters bring new depth and discovering with them, not one of them seem to be out of place and fit perfectly into the life of Kyle whether they be positive or negative. Exploring how the characters grow made AWAKE AT DAWN that more enjoyable for me.

I cannot forget to mention Miranda and Della, they keep me on my toes with their constant bickering, but they add a new level to the book and we discover another side to them that is a lot deeper and at times even darker than we're use to. I would love to have them as friends because sometimes I wonder with their dislike of the spirits when they are going to bolt? I get a sense that they're in this for a very long time and will do anything to help Kylie.

Holiday and Burnett are two very strong role models for the campers even with their chemistry notable to everyone. I find that Burnett has grown on me and at times like Holiday I would love to give him a beat down but with this novel he has grown from this dark and foreboding vampire to someone that Kylie can turn to and count on for when she reaches a very bad place and can't get out. I'm hoping to see more of him and maybe even the Holiday and Burnett romance spark a little more in TAKEN AT DUSK.

Kylie has grown immensely since BORN AT MIDNIGHT and I know that she has a lot more to do but there's something about her that has me doing air pumps every time she discovers another part of her. For instance not trusting her biological father in the beginning to loving him deeply now that she has been able to learn from him and bond. Daniel makes a confession in this book, that had my heart breaking and I think it struck a chord with Kylie too, but there still is a lingering of regret, which leads her on a mission that to be honest has me a little worried.

What can I say about the boys? When I first met Derek I was his biggest fan but as BORN AT MIDNIGHT progressed I had my doubts about his intentions with Kylie but that slowly changed. He's grown as a person and at the end of AWAKE AT DAWN makes an extremely dangerous decision but one I;m hoping will help him grow even further into the man I know he can be. Lucas the ever charming werewolf leaves a few girls with their blood a little above normal but the way he cares for Kylie, the honesty in his eyes makes me jump on the Kylie-Lucas romance waggon. Truthfully I did think he was a bad boy looking for something at the beginning but it never amazes me how he will get himself into a tight spot just to make sure that she will be okay.

If you haven't picked up AWAKE AT DAWN I think you should. C. C Hunter has out done herself and I'm counting the days until TAKEN AT DUSK is released.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Awake at Dawn by C.C Hunter 

Muse by Rebecca Lim

I have to admit this before I begin my review, Rebecca Lim has every emotion possible in her books and MUSE left my with an emotional tornado. I loved it! My favourite so far in the MERCY series.  Having said that, I think I need to go into more detail as to why the book is one of my favourites, it has a lot more of the paranormal element, the angels seemed to share the spotlight with Mercy and finally Mercy was finding out who she was before she become a "body snatcher". Answers are ripe for the taking but some may still leave you wanting a more in depth answer, I found that I still have questions but I know without a doubt Rebecca will have everything tied up with FURY.

I think the life that Mercy is inhabiting in MUSE, Irina fits her perfectly this particular point in her life. Irina is a supermodel who just so happens to be in a pretty bad spot in her life too, everyone wants to know what she's up to and whether or not she will stuff up again and in doing so end her career with a massive bang. If you think about it, up until now that describes Mercy to a T, what she goes through on a daily basis trying to figure out what happened to her and who she is relates a lot to what Irina seems to be going through in terms of her struggles.
Mercy is finding it easier to remember and in doing so piecing her life together a lot quicker, this adds to the pace of the storyline and with it comes a few momentous revelations. One thing though is still consent, her love for Ryan. Will this go anywhere now that Mercy knows what she is and she came to be a "body snatcher"?

MERCY and EXILE had some action written into them but MUSE is full of it and sometimes I wonder if its bursting at the seams. With the action is compelled me to keep turning the pages. If I could sneak a few pages at work to help with the need to know what Mercy was going through I would.

On a very teary note I have to say that it ends with an explosion. I had to re-read the ending to make sure that it didn't end the way I thought. I remember inboxing Rebecca when I had finished my book and told her how I sobbed at the ending even trying to find out if there was a positive outcome early into FURY but all she would reveal was how FURY was her favourite book in the series and that it ends with a bang. Everything will come together.
I cannot wait until FURY is available.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Muse by Rebecca Lim

Lost In Time by Melissa De La Cruz

Finally I was able to read LOST IN TIME, the 6th book in the BLUE BLOODS series and it is not a disappointed. As usual when it comes to this particular series my sister watches my bookshelf to see when it will be added to the rest of the series, to be imagined an argument broke out as to whom was going to read LOST IN TIME first. I'm proud to say that I drew the longer straw :)

I loved the romance between Schuyler and Jack, they way he looks at her only cements their love further. Don't get me wrong their love doesn't come without certain consequences and one might be the greatest obstacle they have to overcome. We've learnt through the series that all actions have a consequence to match and it is explained a little further when Jack discusses his wife's fate with a fellow Blue Blood.
Jack has to make one of the toughest decisions of his existence and I have to admit that I'm actually afraid of what might happen at the end.

BLUE BLOODS is not the same without a little Mimi interaction, I've never been a fan of her and watching her with Oliver as they descend to save Kingsley makes me question her as a person and whether or not she actually has heart. Love can do strange things to a person and possibly even change them-I think that is true with Mimi and I'm looking forward to seeing where this new Mimi goes.

Some of our questions are answered when it comes to Charles and Allegra, we see their past and what Allegra went through while growing up in this particular cycle. I loved reading how her love blossomed with Schuyler's father. She went against everything to be with him and for a fraction of time they where happy but something happened to changed that. Fingers crossed in the last instalment we will have that missing clue along with what happened in Florence.

I found LOST IN TIME to have a little of everything; heartbreak, action, suspense and the key aspect love. If you've loved the BLUE BLOODS series so far you will not be disappointed at all. Just get ready for a long wait because THE GATES OF PARADISE will only be released in 2013.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Lost in Time by Melissa De La Cruz

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200 Followers Giveaway


I'm currently holding a giveaway to reach 200 followers on the blog, that will be running from 01/01/12 until 01/02/2012 and the winner will be announced the moment we reach our goal :) The prize will be a book of your choice from the Book Depository :)

Unleashed Wolf Springs Chronicles #1 by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

I've read the WICKED series by Nancy and Debbie and the moment I came across UNLEASHED I was pretty sure that the book would be another fantastic read to add to their shelf. I was not disappointed.
I would rate UNLEASHED as a classical paranormal book, it's dark, thrilling and even at times a bit romantic. I couldn't get enough of the book.

I find that the girls have a good insight on how to leave their readers begging more. With this book I found their writing to be a blend of mystery, suspense, passion, love and loyalty that made the book hard to put down. There was never a dull moment within the pages and as each page is turned I was left biting my nails trying to see if I could picture what was hanging around the next corner. I haven;;t come across many novels this year that have left me on the edge of my seat and a bit suspicious of 90% of the characters within the story line.

What I found to be one of the key points within the book was how there was a rich history with both the legend, and the town's residents whom for generations have protected the secrets that lie within the borders of their secluded, wooded town. I liked that the wolf lore in this story comes from the Fenrir lore, and even the Fenner Family in this story pay tribute to that. I enjoyed finding those secrets with Katelyn and at a point I just couldn't believe how so much vibrant and even destructive history could be kept in the dark.
There's a saying that people will do anything to keep their secrets and there is a passage in the book that proves that saying without a doubt.

I've read various reviews before I bought UNLEASHED to see what everyone had to say and a few have mentioned how Katelyn isn't the strongest of characters, everyone thinks differently; but I feel that she is quite a strong character given what she has gone through in such a short time. Her life has been uprooted and everything she has known for most of her life gone up in smoke. I'm not sure I would be able to put on a brave face in the hopes of returning to my old life.
Even the turmoil she has a strong support system that I think will see her through one of the toughest times in her life, maybe not everyone in her life has the best intention for her. Don't get me wrong there is room for growth and I'm so excited to see where Katelyn will be by the end of the series.

I mentioned earlier about how some of the characters leave a funny taste in my mouth and Katelyn's gun yielding grandfather and the neighbour next door Trick are a few to keep an eye on. There's some secret that they aren't willing to share. To them keeping her in the dark and well protected leaves me with a million questions that I need answered. What are they hiding?
I love watching how the romance between Trick and Katelyn slowly blossom, its endearing to see how he looks at her and would even battle the world to protect her (that statement is debatable during some chapters). True to any great book there is the dark and mysterious Justin who can send sparks flying when he comes into close range with Katleyn-I think they could set the pages alight but he's not at all who he says is. One minute he is this sweet person and the next someone I wold love to wrap my hands around and shake some major sense into.
This love triangle looks to hold something that will be fun to see unravel.

I'm going to sign off here, because I'm sure that I could spoil everything if I carry on.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Unleashed Wolf Springs Chronicles #1 by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie
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