Sunday, 29 January 2012

Half Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Congrats to Jennifer on her debut novel :)

After reading DAIMON I knew that I couldn't let it finish there, the need to get HALF BLOOD was pretty scary and that's not even mentioning how I devoured the book at work and home. I recall begging my sister to tell how the book ended because I had reached such a climax in the book that I was afraid to turn the page and have my hopes shattered. She refused and told me to keep reading and she forgot having read HALF BLOOD last year.

I have admit that I loved the Greek mythology, it explained more than DAIMON and went even further into the history and makings of Hamatois, Pures, Half Bloods, Pures and the Daimons. It was interesting to see how Alex questioned her own upbringing to the point of believing in the Gods-its like most teenagers today.

Jennifer has strong characters in this series, but Alex screamed to me from the pages, not because she's the main character but for who she is as a person. She's remarkably strong, stubborn, funny, smart, fierce and extremely courageous. Alex will fight to the death for what she believes in, even if it means questioning her superiors. Alex faces a lot in HALF BLOOD and if it had been anyone else i have a strong feeling they would not have come out still fighting like she did. She still has a lot of growth which I'm looking forward to. Alex has left a strong impression on me, one which I hope to share with fellow readers.

Aiden, now he is definitely something to write home about. From the moment he was introduced to me in DAIMON I could feel me knees go weak. The way Jennifer describes his stormy grey eyes and his dark, wavy hair had me hooked. He has his own demons to fight but is one of the strongest male characters in HALF BLOOD. He has so many sides to him that it makes connecting with him fun. Aiden doesn't like to go against what the Covenant has set in place but there's this indescribable pull towards Alex that he knows is wrong beyond so many reasons but trying to deny it I think is even worse for him. I doubt many Pures would have done what he had, which for makes him on the perfect gentleman in YA novels. There's a line in HALF BLOOD that still sticks with me, "I remember you too..." It had my heart pounding and talking to my pages like anyone could actually hear me.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the forbidden romance between Alex and Aiden play out. I believe it could leave me sitting on the edge of bed.

What book would be complete without a "love triangle"? Seth is the Apollyon, I'm not so sure about him because he still has this dark cloak of mystery surrounding him, but I do believe that he could be a contender for Alex's heart; but then again I'll have to wait and see what transpires in the following novels.
I look forward to learning more about Seth in PURE.

Alex is lucky to have a supportive circle of friends around her, especially Caleb who I believe would jump in front of a train if that could stop Alex from doing something stupid.

I thoroughly enjoyed to the forbidden romance in HALF BLOOD, not to mention the mandatory training sessions with Aiden. With each session things become more complicated. This novel has kept me on toes from the moment I read the first page. I believe that this book has a lot to offer with romance, competition, heartache and confusion. For me it was an epic read and if you're looking for one of those I cannot put it down reads then you've found the right book.

I'm counting the days until PURE's release day. I promise you will not go wrong with HALF BLOOD, i do however recommend that you get the prequel DAIMON before because I feel it will help explain what lead to the events in HALF BLOOD.

Happy Reading


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