Sunday, 22 January 2012

Awake At Dawn by C.C Hunter

C.C Hunter has out done herself with the sequel to BORN AT MIDNIGHT. She was able to carry across everything I loved from the first novel straight into AWAKE AT DAWN causing everything to run smoothly with no hiccups or lingering questions as to what happened in BORN AT MIDNIGHT. I was not able to put the book down for a second and found it glued to my hand everywhere that I went.

AWAKE AT DAWN  is an amazing read with a storyline that is full of twists and turns, lingering questions and even new ones but I personally don't think that changes the well written storyline. The emotions in this book are extremely genuine that you can feel your heartstrings being tugged along with Kylie, it adds to the realness of what is being expressed on the pages. The characters bring new depth and discovering with them, not one of them seem to be out of place and fit perfectly into the life of Kyle whether they be positive or negative. Exploring how the characters grow made AWAKE AT DAWN that more enjoyable for me.

I cannot forget to mention Miranda and Della, they keep me on my toes with their constant bickering, but they add a new level to the book and we discover another side to them that is a lot deeper and at times even darker than we're use to. I would love to have them as friends because sometimes I wonder with their dislike of the spirits when they are going to bolt? I get a sense that they're in this for a very long time and will do anything to help Kylie.

Holiday and Burnett are two very strong role models for the campers even with their chemistry notable to everyone. I find that Burnett has grown on me and at times like Holiday I would love to give him a beat down but with this novel he has grown from this dark and foreboding vampire to someone that Kylie can turn to and count on for when she reaches a very bad place and can't get out. I'm hoping to see more of him and maybe even the Holiday and Burnett romance spark a little more in TAKEN AT DUSK.

Kylie has grown immensely since BORN AT MIDNIGHT and I know that she has a lot more to do but there's something about her that has me doing air pumps every time she discovers another part of her. For instance not trusting her biological father in the beginning to loving him deeply now that she has been able to learn from him and bond. Daniel makes a confession in this book, that had my heart breaking and I think it struck a chord with Kylie too, but there still is a lingering of regret, which leads her on a mission that to be honest has me a little worried.

What can I say about the boys? When I first met Derek I was his biggest fan but as BORN AT MIDNIGHT progressed I had my doubts about his intentions with Kylie but that slowly changed. He's grown as a person and at the end of AWAKE AT DAWN makes an extremely dangerous decision but one I;m hoping will help him grow even further into the man I know he can be. Lucas the ever charming werewolf leaves a few girls with their blood a little above normal but the way he cares for Kylie, the honesty in his eyes makes me jump on the Kylie-Lucas romance waggon. Truthfully I did think he was a bad boy looking for something at the beginning but it never amazes me how he will get himself into a tight spot just to make sure that she will be okay.

If you haven't picked up AWAKE AT DAWN I think you should. C. C Hunter has out done herself and I'm counting the days until TAKEN AT DUSK is released.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Awake at Dawn by C.C Hunter 

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