Saturday, 28 January 2012

Fury by Elizabeth Miles

Congrats to Elizabeth on her debut novel FURY :)
I was hooked from the moment I saw the cover, the fiery red of her hair to her pale complexion first made me envious but I had a feeling that FURY would be one of the books that I wouldn't be able to put down :)

I don't think that I've ever read a book that's carried two main characters and its was actually exciting for me. Chase and Emily are literally from different sides of the track, their paths meet put in the end that isn't what brings them together in a sense. There's a famous saying in my house, "What goes around comes around", I personally think that explains this book to a very well defined T.

Chase and Emily have done a few questionable things that draw the attention of the Furies whom make it their mission to ensure that they pay for their mistakes no matter what the cost is. I found it interesting how real life drama was thrown into the mix. I've seen some reviews and not everyone agrees that FURY is a true Paranormal, but I tend to disagree. It's like a fresh pot of tea. For example, Chase struggles with his inner demons, because he's afraid that one slip up will cost him everything that he has worked so hard to build. I think in the end everything catches up to him but for me it was a bitter sweet battle. Chase had everything going for him, and could have shown the snobs in his life what really matters. No matter what level of the ladder you are, everything is in reach as long as you work hard to be the man that you want to be.

Emily does one questionable thing that she knows is one of the worst mistakes she could make. We all have our inner devil that nags to us that it couldn't be any worse than denying what is inside. I believe that Emily paid a far worse price than Chase and has to imagine what could have been for the rest of her life.

FURY is a must read if you love Greek mythology but be warned there isn't a lot thrown in, but its there and it had be running to my laptop to see what everything meant. Like I said before, its like a fresh pot of tea. I'm looking forward to see what ENVY and ETERNITY will have in store for me.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Fury by Elizabeth Miles

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