Sunday, 22 January 2012

Muse by Rebecca Lim

I have to admit this before I begin my review, Rebecca Lim has every emotion possible in her books and MUSE left my with an emotional tornado. I loved it! My favourite so far in the MERCY series.  Having said that, I think I need to go into more detail as to why the book is one of my favourites, it has a lot more of the paranormal element, the angels seemed to share the spotlight with Mercy and finally Mercy was finding out who she was before she become a "body snatcher". Answers are ripe for the taking but some may still leave you wanting a more in depth answer, I found that I still have questions but I know without a doubt Rebecca will have everything tied up with FURY.

I think the life that Mercy is inhabiting in MUSE, Irina fits her perfectly this particular point in her life. Irina is a supermodel who just so happens to be in a pretty bad spot in her life too, everyone wants to know what she's up to and whether or not she will stuff up again and in doing so end her career with a massive bang. If you think about it, up until now that describes Mercy to a T, what she goes through on a daily basis trying to figure out what happened to her and who she is relates a lot to what Irina seems to be going through in terms of her struggles.
Mercy is finding it easier to remember and in doing so piecing her life together a lot quicker, this adds to the pace of the storyline and with it comes a few momentous revelations. One thing though is still consent, her love for Ryan. Will this go anywhere now that Mercy knows what she is and she came to be a "body snatcher"?

MERCY and EXILE had some action written into them but MUSE is full of it and sometimes I wonder if its bursting at the seams. With the action is compelled me to keep turning the pages. If I could sneak a few pages at work to help with the need to know what Mercy was going through I would.

On a very teary note I have to say that it ends with an explosion. I had to re-read the ending to make sure that it didn't end the way I thought. I remember inboxing Rebecca when I had finished my book and told her how I sobbed at the ending even trying to find out if there was a positive outcome early into FURY but all she would reveal was how FURY was her favourite book in the series and that it ends with a bang. Everything will come together.
I cannot wait until FURY is available.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Muse by Rebecca Lim

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