Sunday, 1 January 2012

Unleashed Wolf Springs Chronicles #1 by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

I've read the WICKED series by Nancy and Debbie and the moment I came across UNLEASHED I was pretty sure that the book would be another fantastic read to add to their shelf. I was not disappointed.
I would rate UNLEASHED as a classical paranormal book, it's dark, thrilling and even at times a bit romantic. I couldn't get enough of the book.

I find that the girls have a good insight on how to leave their readers begging more. With this book I found their writing to be a blend of mystery, suspense, passion, love and loyalty that made the book hard to put down. There was never a dull moment within the pages and as each page is turned I was left biting my nails trying to see if I could picture what was hanging around the next corner. I haven;;t come across many novels this year that have left me on the edge of my seat and a bit suspicious of 90% of the characters within the story line.

What I found to be one of the key points within the book was how there was a rich history with both the legend, and the town's residents whom for generations have protected the secrets that lie within the borders of their secluded, wooded town. I liked that the wolf lore in this story comes from the Fenrir lore, and even the Fenner Family in this story pay tribute to that. I enjoyed finding those secrets with Katelyn and at a point I just couldn't believe how so much vibrant and even destructive history could be kept in the dark.
There's a saying that people will do anything to keep their secrets and there is a passage in the book that proves that saying without a doubt.

I've read various reviews before I bought UNLEASHED to see what everyone had to say and a few have mentioned how Katelyn isn't the strongest of characters, everyone thinks differently; but I feel that she is quite a strong character given what she has gone through in such a short time. Her life has been uprooted and everything she has known for most of her life gone up in smoke. I'm not sure I would be able to put on a brave face in the hopes of returning to my old life.
Even the turmoil she has a strong support system that I think will see her through one of the toughest times in her life, maybe not everyone in her life has the best intention for her. Don't get me wrong there is room for growth and I'm so excited to see where Katelyn will be by the end of the series.

I mentioned earlier about how some of the characters leave a funny taste in my mouth and Katelyn's gun yielding grandfather and the neighbour next door Trick are a few to keep an eye on. There's some secret that they aren't willing to share. To them keeping her in the dark and well protected leaves me with a million questions that I need answered. What are they hiding?
I love watching how the romance between Trick and Katelyn slowly blossom, its endearing to see how he looks at her and would even battle the world to protect her (that statement is debatable during some chapters). True to any great book there is the dark and mysterious Justin who can send sparks flying when he comes into close range with Katleyn-I think they could set the pages alight but he's not at all who he says is. One minute he is this sweet person and the next someone I wold love to wrap my hands around and shake some major sense into.
This love triangle looks to hold something that will be fun to see unravel.

I'm going to sign off here, because I'm sure that I could spoil everything if I carry on.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Unleashed Wolf Springs Chronicles #1 by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

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