Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lost In Time by Melissa De La Cruz

Finally I was able to read LOST IN TIME, the 6th book in the BLUE BLOODS series and it is not a disappointed. As usual when it comes to this particular series my sister watches my bookshelf to see when it will be added to the rest of the series, to be imagined an argument broke out as to whom was going to read LOST IN TIME first. I'm proud to say that I drew the longer straw :)

I loved the romance between Schuyler and Jack, they way he looks at her only cements their love further. Don't get me wrong their love doesn't come without certain consequences and one might be the greatest obstacle they have to overcome. We've learnt through the series that all actions have a consequence to match and it is explained a little further when Jack discusses his wife's fate with a fellow Blue Blood.
Jack has to make one of the toughest decisions of his existence and I have to admit that I'm actually afraid of what might happen at the end.

BLUE BLOODS is not the same without a little Mimi interaction, I've never been a fan of her and watching her with Oliver as they descend to save Kingsley makes me question her as a person and whether or not she actually has heart. Love can do strange things to a person and possibly even change them-I think that is true with Mimi and I'm looking forward to seeing where this new Mimi goes.

Some of our questions are answered when it comes to Charles and Allegra, we see their past and what Allegra went through while growing up in this particular cycle. I loved reading how her love blossomed with Schuyler's father. She went against everything to be with him and for a fraction of time they where happy but something happened to changed that. Fingers crossed in the last instalment we will have that missing clue along with what happened in Florence.

I found LOST IN TIME to have a little of everything; heartbreak, action, suspense and the key aspect love. If you've loved the BLUE BLOODS series so far you will not be disappointed at all. Just get ready for a long wait because THE GATES OF PARADISE will only be released in 2013.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Lost in Time by Melissa De La Cruz

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