Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Hereafter by Tara Hudson

Firstly I would like to congratulate Tara on her debut novel. HEREAFTER was all consuming from the first page right up until the end. Well worth the wait for me.

i found Amelia and Joshua's story to be very touching and so close to what most families feel when they have lost someone that they love. I've never read a book where we see a different kind of love story like this, a ghost and a human. I guess there are many ways to write a love story but not many authors venture towards this style.

Tara went into great detail when expressing how Amelia felt and what she didn't and that becomes very important in the build up to the last couple of chapters which help keep you engrossed and turning the pages until that last page and I was like does it have to end? I found the emotions to be captivating because its only thing that she knows until she starts change if I can call it changing or maybe find herself-becoming who she believes she is, is an amazing adventure because most story lines lead the whole I'm dead vibe with being stronger than they where as a human but with Amelia its trying to discover herself and feeling pretty alone with no recollection of who she is or was or where she is. Together with her we begin the journey of self discovery.

Joshua could not be closer to your typical popular guy, yeah he has the girls running after him, he's a jock but that doesn't seem to bother him, because popularity isn't the beginning and end of his world. We see how he loves his family and that is portrayed with his little sister Jillian, his parents and even his "batty" grandmother. Upon his encounter with Amelia we learn so much about him, he is sensitive, nerdy, extremely protective and willing to go out of the way for the people that he loves. Joshua has his own gifts but he isn't willing to follow the norm of his family because it is expected of him, free will is the name of the game and he will do anything to stay with Amelia even defiance.

With every good story there is a villain, in walks Eli Rowland. Upon his first encounter I didn't like him and with good cause, but with Tara's writing there are points within HEREAFTER that you feel sorry for him and maybe even question your initial feelings but then true to his nature he does what is expected of him.
There is a part within the book were it seems that he might be swaying in beliefs but I will leave that little bit for your discovery.

I don't want to give the story away anymore than I have. So grab a copy at your nearest store and dive into the pages of HEREAFTER.

Congrats again to Tara.

Happy Reading :)


Exclusivebooks.com Hereafter by Tara Hudson


  1. This book is on my wishlist - sounds wonderful!


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