Sunday, 6 November 2011

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

The wait is finally over :) I'm pretty sure that all the HUSH HUSH fans have been waiting very patiently i say the least for the arrival for SILENCE. I for one have been calling the local bookstore to see when they would have the novel in store.

Becca started SILENCE with a punch and what better way to get a book started by causing the reader to gasp and think "How could you do that?" Becca has this amazing writing ability that absorbs the reader from the first sentence read and SILENCE is no difference, maybe that's why I found the opening prologue pretty grasping.

SILENCE takes a different path but still stays true to the series. Without giving away too many aspects of the novel away but we join Nora after she wakes up in a cemetery without any knowledge of how she got there and why she's there in the first place. It is brought to her attention that she has been missing for 3 months and along with that Nora has no memory of where she's been or what has happened to her.
Now I leave it there to continue with my review with hopefully not too spoilers ahead. Feel free to kill me if you if do...

I found it interesting that Becca would take the novel on this path, with the ending of CRESCENDO it could have gone  a few ways but I think this was different route and not many people would see it coming, The reason for Nora's memory loss is explained in the novel and I found it endearing but also so frustrating. At times I wanted to kill everyone around Nora and shake some sense into her, maybe even loan her my first books so she get her life back and not feel like someone different, not herself and stop the wondering of what her kidnapper cod have done to her.

Hank Millar is back with a vengeance in this novel and has he only got a few nasty plans up his sleeve. There was alway something about him that gave me the creeps. What really got to me is how he acted around his daughter even if he refused to accept her as such or maybe he gave that air of "I don't care whether she's my daughter or not..." to throw people off his trail for tasks he needed to accomplish.
We also learn something interesting about him that would explain his later actions in the novel. Get ready to see an even darker side to Hank, I'm not going to finish my thought because it will ruin a very climatic part in SILENCE.

I'm going to end off my review here because so many spoilers are running rapid in the head and I'm pretty sure that if I don't put the brakes on the rest of the review will contain big spoilers.

I cannot wait for the fourth book in the series and I know with the ending of SILENCE we are in for a very interesting book staying true to Becca's writing.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

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