Friday, 22 July 2011

Exile by Rebecca Lim

I have been waiting for EXILE for months and when my local bookstore popped my an email informing me that they had a problem locating the book from their supplier but would find a way to get my copy to me as soon as possible I hit panic mode, finally on Thursday almost a month of waiting I got the call and raced home to read it.
It did not disappoint :)

From the first page I was hooked, we see how the process of Mercy's host is chosen and what it feels like for her when she gets that slight glimpse of other souls like herself , the feeling of being sucked into a new body and trying to gather as much information from the first moment so she can carry on the pretense of that person's life without causing a warning light or missing something that could help her in the long run.

I found EXILE to be a tad bit sadder than MERCY, we see how Mercy is thrown into the life of Lela Neills whose mother is very sick and counts on her daughter's presence. We see how she battles with the responsibility of her host and how she tries to help her "mother" through her illness. Later in the storyline we see how Mercy has discovered more about who she is and tries her best to save Karen Niells but realizes that it isn't possible and that the course that her "mother" is on is her destiny. That part for me was heartbreaking and I cried for a good 10 minutes unable to see what was happening on the pages before me.

Luc is still trying to get Mercy to find him as he still cannot locate her but he has seen the way Ryan Delay looks at her and he will be the key for them. From MERCY I haven't been able to trust Luc and the events that have taken place in EXILE cement that fact for me even more. We see some of the things that the Eight went through and how Luc is a pretty bad influence on Mercy.
I'm just not too sure I trust Luc, there is an evil in him that slips out at times and I frightens her. I'm curious if Mercy will figure out that Luc isn't what he says he is. I have my fingers crossed for that.

Luc came in handy for one thing though at the end of the book I think that might have been a bad choice on both Mercy and Luc's part. He helped her to remember Ryan Delay. We see how much he loves HER but what will it cost them in the end?

We meet another member of the Eight and I found it amazing how Rebecca integrated him into the storyline. When I realized whom he was I was at a loss for words. We get a sense that this character has to be hiding something and it becomes even more evident when there is a sudden change in the storyline. I'm not going to giveaway anything else on this matter.

I don't want to give anything more away and I know if I continue there will be no point in reading EXILE all I will say is get a box of tissues handy for the end of the book, its a pretty sad ending and my heart broke for both Mercy and Ryan.

Counting down the days until MUSE is released....

Happy Reading :)

xxx Exile by Rebecca Lim

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