Monday, 25 July 2011

Passion by Lauren Kate

PASSION was one of my many "much anticipated releases" for 2011 and it was well worth all the chaos :) A very big congratulations to Lauren Kate for PASSION.

I have found that each book in the FALLEN series even more captivating than the last. I have to admit that so far PASSION is my favourite. With this book we actually get to see the love that Luce and all her past lives have for Daniel. Up until Torment it was always Daniel expressing how much he has loved Luce across time but it was different looking in from her side. She questions a lot of it and wonders if its just been the love for Luce that has kept him going or does he really love her for her. I hope that makes sense to you guys, it made sense in my head.

For me I found the book to be very touching and it explained a lot to me that I didn't completely understand. We have always experienced Luce's deaths through Daniel's eyes but this time around its from both of them. We see the effect it has on Daniel and we also knew the effect it has had on him, but Luce takes it totally differently than him. The emotions that she has running through her are so pure and honest that i spent the majority of the book with a box of tissues.

The main purpose of Luce's travels through time is to find an end to the curse or create another loophole, but that is not the only part of her journey. She meets up with a shady character whom has another agenda that is still hidden to both the reader and Luce but slowly we seem to sense that he is not who he says he is. It was a bit sad when that came into light in for me, I actually did like him. It was sneaky of Lauren to place him like that but very well played out.

PASSION is pretty fresh in my head at the moment and I'm trying not to spoil anything. I think I better make this blog very short and sweet so as not to ruin the book for anyone that hasn't yet read it.

Some of Daniel's history has also been added into the storyline and I found that helpful as we can learn form his mistakes and see how he has grieved for Luce over time but that never seems to ruin his resolve that he will see her again.
I think something clicked in my head when I was reading the very beginning of Daniel's life and I wonder if anyone else has picked it up. I'm only hoping that Lauren answer's that one thing in RAPTURE or I will be left trying to figure it out.

I love how Lauren had an amazing climax at the end of PASSION that left me begging for more pages. I couldn't believe that it ended just like that. I can tell you that it was a well thought out ending with just the right amount of suspense, romance, longing and friendship.

I cannot wait for RAPTURE to be released :)

Happy Reading :)


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