Monday, 4 July 2011

Dark Heart Forever by Lee Monroe

DARK HEART RISING has been on my reading list for months and after getting through my list I finally reached DHF and it was well worth it.
My only compliant was that the start of the DHF was a tad bit slow but it picked up from about Chapter 3.

Jane has gone through her fair share of heart attack and we see that when she meets Evan. She comes across as lonely and she has some trust issues except for those close to her like her immediate family. Jane is described as a very stunning girl but does not see herself as those around her do.

When we meet Evan he seems to be the all round boy next door with a slight mystery about him, but from the start he seemed a tad bit off for me. He has a lot of baggage and has a hidden agenda for the things he does and says.

Luca on the other hand is very sensitive and the way Lee describes his moss green eyes leaves me begging for more. Luca has his own issues to work through but is able to do so before things take a turn for the worst. He makes a dramatic change in my opinion and is able to be the man that his sister Dayla and Jane see in him.

The twist at the end of the story makes it hard to put down and leaves you begging more.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Dark Heart Forever by Lee Monroe

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