Thursday, 30 June 2011

Starcrossd by Josephine Angelini

I would first like to congratulate Josephine on her debut novel STARCROSSED, absolutely amazing and above all captivating.

The beginning of STARCROSSED is completely different from any of the other books-the anger that you feel from Helen and Lucas is raw and unrelenting. Its pretty amazing that their anger is so intense that it drives them insane when they are in close proximity that it actually sends them into the need to kill. As the book says "blood for blood"

When we first meet Helen, she comes across as this shy young woman that is so afraid of her gifts that she slouches to keep herself from being protected. She also fears her gifts and has come to believe over  the years that if she kept them hidden, doesn't use them then she will not become the monster she knows herself to be. As the story continues and the "feud" between Helen and the Delos family come to end we see her take an entire 180 degree turn, she embraces who she is as a person and no longer sees her gifts as a curse but as a part of her. Lucas also helps her realize that she doesn't need to hide herself from the world, she isn't the monster she's believed she was but just a normal (as normal as Scion) can be.

Her friendship with Claire is unique in its way. Helen is driven by the need to keep her in the dark for her protection but what she doesn't know is that in a way Claire has been protecting her for some years. Claire is the complete opposite of Helen, almost her ying to Helen's yang. I feel that Claire and Helen are more than best friends and almost like sisters just from different parents.
We also see how their friendship has its ups and downs but no matter what happens they are there for each other.

Helen's father is the most important person to her. She keeps in the dark about who she really is but when danger comes knocking and it threatens her father's safety, she makes sure that he is protected above anything else before she will allow protection for herself. Helen believes that her father was hurt many years ago when her mother walked out them and she refuses to do the same thing to him, she believes that if she leaves him that it will hurt him tenfold and she isn't sure that he will recover from the loss, but I'm not sure I agree with her. Jerry is a pretty strong character and he has kept her safe for a number of years even with her gifts. She doesn't give him enough enough credit but hopefully he will be able to prove her wrong.

The Delos family comes across very humble. We see it from the beginning when the anger is all consuming but when they discover what Helen is they go out of their to protect her. As the story continues we see how they willing accept her into their life at home and Noel is almost like a mother figure to her. The family put themselves at great risk by protecting her which again points out for me that family is important and protecting each other no matter which House they come from in a way everyone is family.

I would just like to make a reference to the book, there is the mention of the Trojan War and how it came to be that Helen of Troy left her husband as she had fallen in love with Prince Paris. There is also another mention in the book that they do not want to start another war. I had my suspicions and thankfully they where answered so it leaves me wondering what will happen next.

Near the end of the book a strange woman joins us and for the life of me I can't seem to trust her the way the majority of the characters do, she has an agenda and for her to lie so convincingly that no one picks me up actually scares me. To ruin 2 lives is so not cool in my book and I'm only hoping that together Helen and Cassandra can bring this woman down on her knees and make her pay for what she done.

I'm going to end her because I'm pretty sure that I can ramble on and ruin the book for those who have not yet read STARCROSSED.

Again congratulations to Josephine. I absolutely loved your debut book. Everyone will be influenced to pick up a copy to see why I am so enthralled in STARCROSSED :)

Happy Reading :)

xxx STARCROSSED by Josephine Angelini

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