Sunday, 26 June 2011

Everlasting my Alyson Noel

It has been a long wait for me, but well worth the wait.
I'm a huge IMMORTAL fan and when Alyson announced last year that EVERLASTING would be the final book in the Immortal series, I was both excited and devastated at the same time, but with every story it has to draw to a close or else it just looses the appeal and the storyline becomes repetitious. I'm upset to see the story close but excited at the prospect that finally Ever and Damen get the ending we've been hoping for you.

I'm going to start review off with the truth, I hid my book from my sister so I could read the final installment before her. I remember the first time I came across EVERMORE and it was by accident, Mandi couldn't help me decide if I should get the book or not so I figured it couldn't hurt and I have been hooked ever since.

From the moment I read the first page I was hooked and a bit scared to reach the final pages, would it be a happy ending or the worst ending leaving me in tears. Alyson has out done herself in EVERLASTING, it has been the one of the books that has answered all our questions and left us with nothing hanging at the end of the series. It was a clean ending with a few surprises thrown in.

I love Alyson threw in another twist to the Damen and Ever saga, and it had be a bit confused at the beginning but the time I had wrapped my head around it, I was hoping it would never end. It was interesting to see how Ever was given the choice of finding herself without Damen and it came across as a very difficult choice and I was surprised and impressed with the decision she made.

Alyson brought the previous 5 books into EVERLASTING where the answers had been written and we get to see how everyone is linked to each other. If I remember correctly everything started from a lifetime lived by all the main characters that left a ripple effect to expand over the many centuries.

I'm going to end my review here, because I have so many points i would like to share but they all run the risk of spoiling the final book. So my lips are sealed.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Everlasting by Alyson Noel

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