Saturday, 18 June 2011

Die For Me by Amy Plum

The long wait was well worth it in the end. I happened to come across DIE FOR ME while doing my book planning for the year and I just couldn't wait for the release in South Africa, so when it was released in the UK I called up my local online bookstore and begged them to please load DIE FOR ME up onto the website, sadly I could only pre-order me copy but I didn't care, I had to get a copy no matter what :)

DIE FOR ME, had plenty of sorrow, love, suspense and loss. My heart broke for Kate when she was trying to move on from her parents' death and when she was able to leave the confines of her bedroom I have to admitt I did do a tiny bit of an air punch. From the moment I finished the first page I couldn't put my book down. If I spent 5 minutes away it was a long time.

Reading as the first person, you obvisouly feel like the main character, but this was a different-I felt every emotion that Kate had running through her in the paticular chapter. Amy has out down herself in her debut novel and I for one would like to say congratulations.

I think for me, my favourite part in the novel is when she can see the other side of Vincent. I love how Amy was able to make Vincent both alluring and dangerous at the same time, his character is so diverse that I have to know more. He holds a lot back from Kate and it is understandable considering that he needs to keep what he is a secret from  her at the same time protecting both his kindrend and Kate.
When he does open up to Kate about his past you can see that it is difficult for him to do that, but it helps Kate understand him better and feel like she is becoming a part of his life.

We also see how Kate is afraid to love again, because the loss of losing her parents whom she loved a great deal has left her feeling scared and extremely cautious of her heart. She does mention in the novel that she cannot risk getting herself hurt as she is not sure how much more loss and pain her heart can take, but when she does decide to open up heart and let herself be loved and her in turn love someone else it is a turning point in DIE FOR ME and to be honest it left me in tears.

Be prepared for action, heartache, suspense, tears, laughs and plenty of love :)

Fingers crossed there will be a follow up :) There is no way Kate's story just ends there.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Amy Plum Die For Me

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