Sunday, 5 June 2011

My Soul To Keep by Rachel Vincent

WOW!!! MY SOUL TO KEEP left my wanting more. If I didn't have to work my nose would never have left the book.  Rachel really did pull out all the stops for this installment of SOUL SCREAMERS and the twist was just jaw dropping. I had to read it the same page 4 times before it actually sank in.

I think so far that MY SOUL TO KEEP has been my favourite book in series, I still have to read MY SOUL TO STEAL, but I know that it will be beyond words again.

I'm going to give you guys a little hint that might help you with twist in the book, but if you do not want to know PLEASE DON'T READ FURTHER: pay close attention to the fiend in the Netherworld...

I was left speechless and red checked by the end of the of the book and my heart broke into a million pieces for both Nash and Kaylee and I can only hope that things are sorted out in the next installment. In this book we also learn more about Kaylee's relationship with her father and how they are trying to work out their problems, but her relationship with her uncle is pretty strong-it figures seeing as he and her aunt pretty much raised Kaylee.

I'm going to stop here. I could ruin the book if I carry on anymore.

Happy reading :)

xxx My Soul To Keep by Rachel Vincent

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