Thursday, 16 June 2011

Blue Bloods LOST IN TIME~Sneak Peek

And here's what you've all been waiting for…another sneak at Lost in Time! I am so FREAKING proud of this book… I just finished the final draft of this book and I cannot wait to share it with you all.

                "No, you have to hear it." She said, and she put her mouth right on his ear and he could feel her soft breath as she whispered the words he wished she'd said to him on that fair day in December in Italy. "I should never have left. I love you. I love you more."
                Then she was kissing him, and it was Schuyler's lips, and she smelled just like Schuyler, and her hair was silky and soft like Schuyler's and he knew that when her back was turned, he would see a mole, right between her shoulder blades that was just like Schuyler's. She was Schuyler and she returned his love and Oliver did not see why he had to pretend he did not want this, did not want her, did not want exactly what was happening right now. 

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