Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Soul To Steal by Rachel Vincent

My sister hid MY SOUL TO STEAL the moment it was delivered to the house and I had to be very patient while she read it and then passed the book along to me. All she would say is that it was the best in the series and if I didn't watch it she would ruin it for me-I behaved so I could enjoy MY SOUL TO STEAL without any spoilers and I'm going to do my best not to spoil it for anyone else.

From the moment I read the first page I couldn't put it down, reading MSTS became a constant need to see what was happening in the life of Kaylee and Nash while secretly hoping that they would be able to get past what happened at the end of MY SOUL TO KEEP.

I knew from reading the blurb at the back of the book that I was heading for one surprise straight after another but when Sabine entered the picture my hair stood on end-not only because Kaylee didn't get along with her but because she seemed off to me, like she had something else on her agenda which confessed to but still couldn't shake the feeling.

I love how Rachel shows us that its hard for Kaylee to trust Nash again after what he had allowed to happen and what he himself had done to her but it didn't stop her from questioning her love for him. Kaylee points something else out to us that trust for her seems to an evasive term because everyone that said they loved her have pretty much lied to her so in the end whom can she trust? Is trust actually possible from the people she loves? Its a valid question and its brought up again at the end of the book so it will be pretty interesting to see how it pans out in IF I DIE.

We also get tiny snippets of what Nash is going through with his recovery ad how easy it would be for him to go back onto Demon's Breath because its easy for him in a way to gain access to the Netherworld. We also see how this once popular guy has become a recluse and how he is struggling to deal with the loss of both Doug and Scott which also adds to his sudden loner appearance.

Sabine is a very interesting character whom has her own baggage along with an agenda that seems to work in some ways but in others not so much. She's very strong and that I think comes from her background. She has a history with Nash and it's very different to Kaylee and Nash's. Tod points out how they are two halves of  a whole (at that point I wanted to strangle him), both are screwed up but they good for each other. I saw that but the connection was different than before.
Sabine made a pretty valid point in one of Kaylee and her cat fights: "He sold all his memories of you but not one of mine" now that does make me think could she be on a valid point or maybe as my sister pointed out Avari only wants Kaylee not Sabine.

If I go any deeper I will ruin MY SOUL TO STEAL for you guys and I can't do that, so I'm going to sign off here and let you guys enjoy the book without any further spoils.

Happy Reading :)


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