Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Elixir by Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff's debut novel was pretty hard to put down and I have to admit that she has out done herself. I've always been a fab of hers but when I heard that she was going to pen a novel I thought it might be reaching a tad bit too far but I have to swallow my words, EXILIR was amazing.

I loved how Hilary took the term "soul mates" to another level, we see how Clea's friend Rayna has many soul mates which account for the men she hooked up with while away on her winter break but Clea doesn't see it like that, she can't wrap her head around the fact that there is one person out there for everyone until she starts having dreams about this dashing man.

Something that caught my attention was that Clea had just recently lost her father but still clings to the hope that he has to be a live somewhere and if he isn't then she needs to retrace his last steps so she can finally be able to let go and move on. We see how both her mother and herself deal with the loss differently. Clea would like to speak about him but out of respect for her mother she doesn't. We can see that it's hard for Clea to do because she was so close to her father but she doesn't want to see her mother crumble because she is trying to keep a game face on. Don't get me wrong we notice how much her mother loved her husband and that just reiterates the fact that soul mates exist.

We finally meet the man of Clea's dreams, Sage and with Clea discover that he is her soul mate but it comes with a lot of baggage on his part. I got a sense at the beginning that I did not trust him and it was reconfirmed for me again when Clea went on a snooping expedition but then my mind changed again. Is Sage the right person or can he still be hiding something? I'm not completely sold on him just yet.

ELIXIR will keep you glued until the end of the book leaving you begging for the sequel. I found the ending to be a bit sad but I think it was well placed, it left me with so many questions but not the happy ending I was hoping for. Fingers crossed Hilary will answer some of the questions I'm sure the readers have.

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