Sunday, 14 August 2011

Dark Heart Rising by Lee Monroe

Lee Monroe is an amazing writer. I will be the first to admit it took me some time to read DARK HEART RISING but that was not by choice. Recovering from an operation can delay even the best book.

Again we see Jane at a crossroads when it comes to her ove ife when a tall, dark and handsome gentleman steps into her life while on holiday with her grandmother in France. At first Jane is hesitant to be around Soren and I don't blame he comes off a bit creepy and seems to have a hidden agenda. She's battling with the loss of Luca but feels that she needs to move on even if she does love him he has moved on whether it be by choice or not.
I noticed a connection between Soren and Jane because they have both lost someone that they love dearly which seems to bring them closer in the beginning, until later.

I noticed that Jane hs grown so much in DHR that she is able to try and move on after Luca has pushed her away as he is trying to do the right by his family even if it means that he might loose his one true love. Yes, he is doing the noble thing to make his parents and Lowe happy but what about his happiness? Its brought up a lot in conversations with Raphel, he belives that Lila is just second best and if you don't love someone why should you be forced to marry tham? The marriage will not be filled with love-there is an old saying that you will grow to love them in time. I don't agree, one should be with someone that they love not settle for second best.

Raphel also has a strong part in the book, he is trying to move on from his mistakes but he knows that he is not the same person since his come back earth, but he will do anything to keep up the pretense to his great-mother Celeste so he isn't locked away like some animal. He also makes a startling discovery that is someway connected to Soren's story.

I don't want to carry on because I'm afraid that I will spoil this amazing story for everyone, but I will say one more thing. Be prepared for some interesting twists and turns. People will come toghether and secrets will be aired.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Dark Heart Rising by Lee Monroe

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