Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Dragon's Oath by PC and Kristin Cast

My wait is finally over and the reading felt like a few minutes. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only HON fan that has been binding their time until the release of the novella.

I found it very interesting and it explained why Dragon took such a change at the end of AWAKENED and I can only hope that in DESTINED things change for the better for him and that the path we see him heading on at the close of the book is not the final path in his story.

I'm getting ahead of myself and I haven't even done a review yet. I'm terrible when a thought is running through my head I have to finish it or else I won't be able to conduct the review properly.
When we have come across Anastasia in the previous books it's always been brief and we haven't been able to learn a lot about her, but with DRAGON'S OATH we can. She was so pretty and honest, when she loved she loved with her whole heart. He love for Dragon was not intentional but written in the stars and it was touching to see how their saying of "my own" came into being.

I noticed a dramatic twist in the book and I'm hoping more will be explained in DESTINED because I had to read those last pages a couple of times as well as in the beginning of the book. I never knew that they had been present since then and who was he?

I don't want to go into great detail because DRAGON'S OATH is such an amazing read and because it doesn't even reach 200 pages so the more I review the more likely it is for me to spoil the book.
My advise pay close attention to the ending where Dragon comes close to Nyx and keep your tissues handy.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Dragon's Oath by PC and Kristin Cast


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