Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Born at Midnight by C.C Hunter

From the moment i opened the book and began reading i couldn't put BORN AT MIDNIGHT down and i must say congrats to C.C Hunter on her debut book.

I felt like i could relate to Kylie in a way, especially while she is trying to discover herself. I'm pretty sure most of us have felt like we don't belong one time or another. C.C shows us that its okay to be different, life wouldn't be fun if we were all the same.

I must say that I cannot wait for the follow up AWAKE AT DAWN, and for me i was devastated when I had reached the final page :(

I found the differences between Derek and Lucas appealing but their genuine love for Kylie is what brings them closer. I have to admit that i couldn't decide between the two boys but i wish everyone luck.

For me its a must read so if you get a chance to pick it up you will enjoy it.

Happy Reading



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