Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My Soul To Save by Rachel Vincent

I'm starting this blog off very honest, I could not put MY SOUL TO SAVE down. It did help that my youngest sister had me on book lockdown so she good get lost in the pages and thank heavens she had.

My only tiny snag is one of my favourite characters, Emma, didn't get much story time, but I know she isn't a main character but I still missed. Otherwise I loved the book.

Rachel, can convey emotionsso well that I was in tears from about halfway through book and when the storyline took a dramatic turn my heart sank to my feet, I couldn't read quick enough to have my fears drained by the words on the pages.

What I also found interesting at the end was a question that Tod asked Kaylee and her response and with that came an internal question that I found would be interesting to find the answer from her. So fingers crossed that question will answered perhaps in MY SOUL TO KEEP or perhaps IF I DIE.

I'm ending off here or I will be ruining the storyline and I do need to get lost in the pages of MY SOUL TO KEEP before my sister knocks on my door placing me yet again on book lockdown.

Happy Reading


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