Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Vampire Diaries: No Return: Midnight by L.J Smith

I was pretty impressed with Smith's latest installment in the series and found it at places to be extremely hard to put down and near the end I was left in tears.

The beginning for me was a bit slow compared to the previous books in the series and at a point I was willing to the close the book and put it back in my shelf, but once i was about 4 or 5 chapters in i just couldn't put it down. You see the struggle that Elena is still going through and how she comes to terms with it at the end.

I also noticed that Bonnie's character grows tremendously and that for me was one of the many highlights within MIDNIGHT.

I'm going to end my review off here or I'm pretty sure I will giveaway the story line.

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  1. This was so different from any other L.J. Smith book I've ever read.I was so very excited, and was counting the days until this book came out. I have read all of her other books and absolutely loved them. Fans of hers won't really recognize her writing in most of this book, to be honest it sounds like weird fan fiction. Every once in a while you catch a glimmer of what made the original books so special, but it's fleeting.


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