Sunday, 25 December 2011

Destined by Kristen and PC Cast

After I finished reading AWAKENED I couldn't wait for the release of DESTINED because for me the book ended with a cliff-hanger, I guess that is amazing writing but it drives me insane. I guess I'm one of those readers that needs to know what happens-I've never been good with good waiting :)

The main plot for the HOUSE OF NIGHT series has been the battle between good and evil and each time the books end I'm thinking could Zoey and her friends finally defeated the evil within the books but it never fails to see the new and dark ways that Nerefet will go to destroy Zoey.  I've always wondered what her obsession with Zoey is? Could it be her closeness to the Goddess or her powers manifesting so early? Maybe those questions will be answered within the next book or maybe even the final book of the series.

The evil in DESTINED seems to be gaining some control but in the end it's the love that can put the brakes on and even help show that sometimes evil does not always equate to evil. 

What I found interesting was that the death of Zoey's mother played a crucial part within the book, it didn't give the characters the sense of depression or make the book somber it helped discover a few things and even bring unknown allies together. For me reading how the death took place as well as watching what unfolded during the ritual had me on the end of my seat and in tears until the end of the book.

A great sacrifice was made for one of the main the characters and it was amazing  considering the path that he was and maybe that path was the one he was going to continue walking. I was grateful that he had the change in heart to step away from that dark and unknown path to the one that his love had helped walk which ultimately lead him back to the Goddess.

I for one am looking forward to the end of the battle of good and evil to see how it ends. If the other books are anything to go by I know that the Cast duo will have us on the edge of our seats and maybe even shedding a few tears. Looking for ward to the next book!

Happy Reading :)


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