Friday, 16 December 2011

Fateful by Claudia Gray

I feel in love with FATEFUL immediately. Talking some people about the book I noticed how they weren't sure about the Titanic element, but I thought it would make a wonderful shoreline and backdrop-the book did and stood out on its own. The book is full of romance, action, suspense, plenty of tear inducing scenes and even some slight rebellion. 
Seeing as the Titanic has been used as the backdrop will it shadow the tragic ending of the Titanic or could there be a silver lining out there?

Tess is a pretty strong person even though she has been through a lot in such a short space of time. I found it remarkable how she was still able to keep a positive outlook on life even though working for the Lisle family was not easy and pretty much getting your head taken off my the ever enchanting Lady Lisle. Most people would expect the class difference to show thought the family but it doesn't, seeing how Irene treats Tess with pure tenderness and friendship I think helps Tess get through the day no matter what obstacles she has to overcome.
I have to admit that while reading FATEFUL I was tempted to throw 98% of the Lisle family overboard. 

Tess seems to keep running into Alec and Mikhail, lets just say they each bring their own danger to the story and one more than the other. 

I'm tying my best not to ruin the book for those of you who have not read the book but its pretty hard. I'm thinking of finishing off my review here with a few more words and then hoping that those that haven't read FATEFUL will go and pick up a copy at your nearest book store.

The Titanic did play a rather huge role in the book and true to history and the movie it does sink, but is it the same tragedy for our couple? Only time will tell.

i have to admit that after reading FATEFUL and hoping for a sequel I found out that it was a stand-alone book, I think my heart shattered again. Always leaving us on a cliff hanger and wondering what would have happened. Claudia stayed true to all writings-another captivating novel :)

Happy Reading :)


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