Sunday, 25 December 2011

Vampire Diaries: The Hunters Vol. 1: Phantom

I was shocked like most VAMPIRE DIARES fans to hear that L.J Smith would no longer be writing the series and that a ghost writer would now take over from where she left off. 
I ask this question, how can the publishers take a story from the author when it first began with her and not them? Sure they helped get her published but it's her baby, VD is best told through the imagination and words of L.J Smith not some ghost writer who hasn't been apart of the "birthing" process.

As part of an inquiry to see how this writer compares to the original I ordered myself a copy and I'm ashamed to mention this but I did enjoy the book to an extent but I could feel that it was not written by the original author and missing some key emotions and even some aspects that where hinted at in the MIDNIGHT, I was looking forward to seeing how that shoreline would unfold only to find out that it had been wiped clean almost as if it never happened. Something interesting occurred to me when I was reading how it kept coming back to the fact that the past cannot be forgotten and I thought isn't that just a little ironic.

I shed a few tears here and there but so many things that happened between MIDNIGHT and PHANTOM and have left me utterly confused and surely there could have been some way that the writer might be able to explain what has taken place so that we aren't as confused or maybe more so than Elena and the rest of the gang.

Maybe the next installment will not be almost as disappointing as PHANTOM.

Happy Reading :)


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