Saturday, 15 October 2011

Crossing over by Anna Kendall

When I first heard about CROSSING OVER I was pretty intrigued about the book and made a crazy dash to my bookstore to pick a copy up.
Sadly it didn't stand up to the hype that I had created for myself, open reading the opening chapters I found myself falling a sleep and that for is a first. I haven't experienced a book up until CROSSING OVER where I had to fight to stay awake just to see if the story line might pick up. It was a tough couple of days.

Anna felt a need to randomly and unnecessarily make reference to sudden sexual arousal. Totally unnecessary and inappropriate for a YA book. It left me feeling like I was reading a bit of a raunchy novel which was also off putting for me.

Another downside to CROSSING OVER was the fact that Peter either had to keep beating himself or get beaten to cross over and for me who prefers a chit chat  rather than fist it was off putting and disturbing. The story just dragged for me and then everything seemed to happen all at once in the end.

Not a book for me but if you'd like to try, please let me know your thoughts on the book.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Crossing Over by Anna Kendall

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