Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hades by Alexandra Adornetto

Alexandra is a very talented young author. She has written yet another amazing (in my opinion) book with HADES, for me I was captivated from the opening lines and the characters are more devleoped and rounded characters. I feel that I was able to connect more with characters in this book because I knew some background. I guess one could say that with every sequel to saga.
Alexandra has an amazing ability with descriptive writing that it draws you into the world of Bethany and you almost feel as if it's your story being told.

HADES as was HALO is written from Bethany's point of view, one would feel that being dragged into Hell would hinder her spirit but it doesn't which I found very interesting. Had it been me I think I might have committed murder and thought I'm not going to escape so let me join the crowd. Being stuck in Hell only made Beth a stronger person and reinforced her love for her family, friends, Xavier and I think for me most importantly her Father. Bethany also matured a lot in this book, she fought with everything that she had and when things didn't look very promising for her she ever gave up hope or begged for her life-that takes a strong person to accomplish.

When we first met Jake Thorn he came across as this arrogant guy and sometimes we would see a softer side to him but it never lasted long. in HADES there were times that I did question myself about Jake. Could my first feeling about him be wrong? in the end it turned out to be just as i originally thought.
Xavier on the other hand seems to come across as this perfect guy without flaws but that's not true. There's a side of him that we see in HADES and it proves that not everyone is the perfect person we each have flaws that's what makes us human. What I found interesting was something that Xavier did at the end that I thought was a tad bit out of character for him.

I really enjoyed HADES and for me there was always something developing within the pages that prevented me from putting the book. Alexandra has left us hanging on the end of a very steep cliff....
I for one cannot wait for HEAVEN to be released, its going to my epic.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Hades by Alexandra Adornetto

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