Tuesday, 25 October 2011

If I Die by Rachel Vincent

With every new book in the SOUL SCREAMERS series I end up saying that it was the best yet, well I'm going to repeat it and say IF I DIE tops all the books thus far. It was well worth the wait on my side of the world :)
Rachel has out done herself with the fifth installment.

Everyone of that I've spoken to abroad and what I've seen on the social sites have been raving about the novel and kept begging them please don't share anything with me because I want to be able to read IF I DIE without any little spoilers. My sister loves to leave little notes or hints about what is going to happen in the novel. Thank heavens I got to it first :)

Now for the fun part, I'm going to do my utmost best not to have any spoilers so in case I do please forgive-I just closed the final page and already counting down the days until BEFORE I WAKE comes out.

As I've come to know Rachel's novels the books the shoreline continued where we left off with MY SOUL TO STEAL and it feels like I never put the novel down. Sometimes time has passed with other authors from one installment to the next and I feel a little confused trying to recall what I read a year ago so I know more a less of what is happening but thankfully with this series there is no need to have a memory battle.

Kaylee would like to believe that its possible that all the chaos that has become her life the last couple months has finally taken a break and she can live a semi normal life but the fates have other plans for her. IF I DIE brings on a new puzzle that needs to be solved and this one could leaving you begging for more.

i have to hand it to Rachel, before was even 2 chapters in she threw one very big gosh and this cannot be happening moment. As the novel progresses you slowly come to grips of what might be the most heartbreaking and riveting ending yet to come but there might be a light at the end of the tunnel :)

One pretty impressive aspect that I noticed while IF I DIE is that as each  oval draws to an end Kaylee is growing into a very matter young lady. The reason I say this is because while Kaylee is trying to find a solution to the new threat at Eastlake high she is also trying to come to terms of whether she should try and forgive Nash and stay together or if she should end things for the better of both them.

Kaylee is faced with an even bigger threat to herself, a mara still intent on getting between her and her boyfriend, and an unexpected complication in her already over-complicated life, Kaylee must put the pieces together and make up her mind before it’s too late.

Rachel Vincent has yet again delivered a story in her highly addictive series that is unputdownable. IF I DIE is even more gripping, torturous and all-consuming than the previous books. You will be put on an emotional roller-coaster that won’t let up until long after the book has been read.

On a final note, SOUL SCREAMERS is immensely entertaining and has managed to carve out its own unique niche in this genre. I for one cannot wait for the next installment to be released...

Happy Reading :)


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