Sunday, 23 October 2011

A very good friend of mine got me hooked on the KISSED BY AN ANGEL (KBAA)  series when I first came across the series in my local bookstore it was a coin toss and it didn't win-until Mikila told me that she had ordered a copy and it was a must read. I ordered my copy and now I'm hooked :)

When I ordered EVERCROSSED I was a tiny bit confused because KBAA ended smoothly and never left me with the need to know what was going to happen with Ivy and Tristan. I thought maybe it would be a continuation but exploring the relationship of Ivy and Will, it did to an extent and I was not disappointed at all with how the novel carried the story on.

EVERCROSSED continues a year after the accident that claimed Tristan and we see how Ivy is dealing with his death so close to the anniversary. Without giving too much away Elizabeth stays true to her writing when she brings in tons of twists and turns. I found that I was sitting on the edge of my bed most of the novel. There are some very interesting events that take place and we get to meet a few new characters. For example a very dashing and mysterious Guy....hold on tight ladies he will be bringing some hotness to the pages and you might  just experience the shortness of breath or the all encompassing blue eyes that Ivy did.

I found in some places that I was jumping to conclusions but at the end it was not as it seems. Elizabeth has left me wondering about the sanity and safety of 2 main characters. The wait for EVERLASTING has began. Be prepared for a major a cliff hanger.
I felt that the ending was cruel to me because I just can't believe that EVERCROSSED ends like that. I think I'm now going to have a chat to my friend and see if we can't try and plot about how EVERLASTING will continue.

Happy Reading :)

xxx Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler

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